Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Walmart Human Resource Recommendations

Walmart Human Resource Recommendations

Walmart employee voice systems:
As is in the unfair termination case above, lawsuits occur when a manager fails to avoid using fair and effective disciplinary tactics.  This could be due to the manager being unaware of the organizational rules and procedures, the manager's fear of formal grievances, or the fear or losing the friendship of the employee.  Managers should be informed of the consequences of not pursuing disciplinary action to help avoid this type of mishap.

Managers at Walmart should also allow provide employees with the opportunity to be heard, and communicate their problems with their bosses to avoid Walmart employee complaints.  Voice systems can allow an employee to seek a formal, or informal, impartial review of an action that affects him or her.  There should be an open-door policy which allows employees to voice their concerns to their supervisors, and a skip-level policy which allows an employee to voice their concern to higher-level management if their problem involves their supervisor.  Employees should also be provided with toll-free numbers they can call to anonymously voice their concerns.   These type of systems are simple to understand, trustworthy and apply to a broad range of issues.  The system needs to be well-advertised, and information on how to file and complaint should be publicized in order to maximize its effectiveness in eliminating Walmart employee complaints.

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  1. My supervisor looked at me and said your hair looks a hot mess, I commented that I had worked hard cleaning the dept. And that what's what you look like when you work hard. She made no other comment about anybody else. she plays favoritism when she gives some every weekend off. I am there to do my job and work hard for my pay.

  2. I work at store 2994 I've worked in bentonville ark ,seattle wa,Webb city mo, and so forth, have seen a lot ur comment is appreciated

  3. there is a open door policy at walmart,,,, BUT DO NOT USE IT you will be fired

    1. I agree don't use it. People I know that used it got nowhere. I worked at distribution center 7048. They told one coworker who asked for a raise that keeping their job is their raise.